Executive Council

The CCOC Executive Council is composed of eight Clerks of the Court elected by their fellow Clerks for a term of 2 years as well as representatives from the House, Senate, and Judicial branches as ex officio members. At a minimum, they meet quarterly to discuss and make decisions regarding CCOC business and budgetary matters.

The Chair of the Executive Council establishes the Chairs of each CCOC Committee as described in the Plan of Operation.

Honorable JD Peacock, II
Executive Committee Chair
Okaloosa County

Population Group II

Honorable Jeffrey R. Smith, CPA, CGFO, CGMA

Executive Committee Vice-Chair
Indian River County

Population Group II

Honorable Tiffany Moore Russell, Esq.
Executive Committee Secretary/Treasurer
Orange County

Population Group IV

Honorable Stacy Butterfield, CPA

Polk County Clerk & Comptroller

Population Group III

Honorable John Crawford

Nassau County Clerk & Comptroller

Population Group I

Honorable Todd Newton

Gilchrist County Clerk & Comptroller

Population Group I

Honorable Laura E. Roth, Esq.

Volusia County Clerk

Population Group III

Honorable Harvey Ruvin, Esq.

Miami-Dade County Clerk

Population Group IV

Honorable Ronald Ficarrotta

13th Judicial Circuit Judge

Supreme Court Appointee

Honorable Nikki Alvarez-Sowles, Esq.

Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller

Senate Appointee

Honorable Ken Burke, CPA
Pinellas County Clerk of Court & Comptroller
House of Representatives Appointee

Executive Council Staff

Lead Staff

John Dew

CCOC Executive Director


General Counsel

Firm of Boyd and Durant

Assistant Staff

Jason Welty
Deputy Executive Director


Marleni Bruner
Senior Budget Manager

Executive Council Documents

June 6, 2022 Meeting
March 8, 2022 Meeting
December 16, 2021 Meeting
August 11, 2021 Meeting
June 28, 2021 Meeting
December 17, 2020 Meeting
September 29, 2020 Meeting
August 24, 2020 Emergency Meeting
June 26, 2020 Emergency Meeting
June 22, 2020 Meeting
June 5, 2020 Emergency Meeting
April 27, 2020 Emergency Meeting
April 14, 2020 Meeting
March 25, 2020 Emergency Meeting
February 25, 2020 Meeting
December 10, 2019 Meeting
October 1, 2019 Meeting
September 30, 2019 Meeting
June 24, 2019 Meeting
February 26, 2019 Meeting
December 20, 2018 Meeting
October 2, 2018 Meeting
September 11, 2018 Meeting
June 25, 2018 Meeting
February 27, 2018 Meeting
December 18, 2017 Meeting
October 10, 2017 Meeting
August 31, 2017
July 24, 2017 Meeting
June 12, 2017 Meeting
February 27, 2017 Meeting
November 14, 2016
July 28, 2016 Meeting
June 27, 2016 Meeting
April 15, 2016 Meeting
February 16, 2016