The CCOC has a contract with Compliance Improvement Services (CIS) to aid and assist counties with meeting their compliance efforts. Our goal is to provide teaching, technical experience, and training for use in your offices.


Don Murphy is the Principal and Senior Consultant for CIS which provides consulting and training for courts and local government. He is a nationally certified court professional as a Fellow with the National Center for State Courts and has over 25 years of court administration experience. CIS is here to help at the Compliance Corner, with the latest articles across the country on compliance and collections as well as studies, best practices, and more to support your compliance efforts.


The Clerks are committed to keeping the public working and moving forward by providing opportunities to comply with their court-ordered obligations.


• WEBINAR: Compliance as a Service and Executive Dashboard Summary Reports - June 9, 2021


Webinar Handouts

• WEBINAR: Managing Multiple Payment Plans - March 30, 2021


• WEBINAR: Online Payment Plan Service - August 19, 2020

• Compliance 20: Mission to Drive (Joint FCCC & CCOC Summit) - October 21 - 22, 2019

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Day 1 - Part 1                    Day 1 - Part 2

Day 2 - Part 1 AM             Day 2 - Part 2 AM

Lunch - Trivia

Day 2 - Part 1 PM             Day 2 - Part 2 PM


• Compliance Summit (Joint FCCC & CCOC Summit) - November 7 - 8, 2017