About Us

About the CCOC

The CCOC was established as a public corporation to perform the functions specified in sections 28.35 and 28.36, Florida Statutes. All 67 clerks of the circuit court are members of the CCOC and hold their position and authority in an ex officio capacity. The functions assigned to the CCOC are performed by an executive council pursuant to the plan of operations approved by the members

The duties of the Corporation include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Recommending to the Legislature the amount of court-related service charges, fines, fees and costs to ensure reasonable and adequate funding of the Clerk of Court;
  • Development of workload measures and performance standards;
  • Reviewing, certifying and approving budgets for all 67 Clerks of the Circuit Court (the Clerks);
  • Developing and conducting clerk education programs;
  • preparing and submitting an annual report to the Governor and Legislature detailing the budget development and expenditure of Clerks.

CCOC Staff, under the direction of the Executive Director as chosen by the Council, performs the day-to-day administrative, budget, and data-collection functions necessary for budgetary operations. The CCOC organizational chart is available by clicking here. To learn more about our staff and their roles at the CCOC, please visit the CCOC Staff page.

Committees & Workgroups

CCOC utilizes Committees and Workgroups to gather information and recommendations as well as to establish processes. Generally, Workgroups consist of Clerks and staff from various Clerk offices around the State. All staff are invited to participate in Workgroup meetings. Committees are made up of specific Clerks as designated by the Executive Council. Proposals from a Workgroup will pass to the relevant Committee to be discussed and voted on before being passed to the Executive Council as a recommendation. For more information please visit the CCOC Committees page.

Contractual Services

CCOC also utilizes various services on a contractual basis as needed. Two types of contracts are utilized: "On-going" and "As Needed". "On-going" contracts are those contractors that would like to be on a list of available help to be chosen for specific task assignments as we need them. The amount of services requested or available is not guaranteed but the contractors have been vetted and approved to be placed on an Available Vendors or Contractor's List. "As Needed" contracts are specific in nature and are opened via an RFP process for a specific nature and a specific amount of hours. For more information, please visit the Contractual Services page.


CCOC is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a small but dedicated team of staff. To view any vacancies, please visit the Employment page.

Similarly Situated Clerks

Commonly referred to as Peer Groups, the most up-to-date listings can be found on the CCOC Reports page.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures adopted by the CCOC can be found on the Policies page.


CCOC is located at 2560 Barrington Circle, Suite 2, Tallahassee, Florida.