Driver License Reinstatement Days

Florida statutes require that clerks of court hold an annual event for driver license reinstatement. The event should be held for 1 or more days.


Event partners may include:

  • Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
  • the state attorney's office
  • the public defender's office
  • the circuit and county courts
  • the clerk of court, and
  • any interested community organization

Eligible for Reinstatement:

  • Driving without a valid driver license;
  • Driving with a suspended driver license;
  • Failing to make a payment on penalties in collection;
  • Failing to appear in court for a traffic violation; or
  • Failing to comply with any provision of Chapter 318 or 322

Driver License Check (FLHSMV)

Visit the following link to check the status of your Florida driver's license on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) website:

Operation Green Light 2023

To find your county and information regarding their event held in 2023 visit



Driver's License Reinstatement Event Reporting Form - 2022-23; Form will need to be submitted to by the 20th of the month following your event. For example, if your event is held in March 2023, your report is due April 20, 2023.


Guidelines for Reporting Failure to Comply - Form Section D, #7. Revisions to prior year forms for Section D, #7 should be submitted by the 20th of the month following. If your event was held in March 2023, your 12-month follow-up is due in March 2024.

Chapter 2019-167 (House Bill 7125, excerpt of Section 322.75, F.S.)


Report to CCOC:

  • Number of cases paid in full;
  • Number of cases put on a payment plan;
  • Number of driver license reinstatements;
  • Number of driver licenses made eligible for reinstatement;
  • Amount of fees and costs collected, reported by the entity receiving the funds;
  • The personnel, operating, security, and other expenditures incurred by the clerk of court;
  • The number of cases that fail to comply with a payment plan and subsequently result in driver license suspension.

Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles - Florida Licensing on Wheels (FLOW)