Driver License Reinstatement Days

Chapter 2019-167 (House Bill 7125, excerpt of Section 322.75, F.S.)


  • Once a calendar year
  • 1 or more days
  • Event Partners:
    • Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
    • the state attorney's office
    • the public defender's office
    • the circuit and county courts
    • the clerk of court, and
    • any interested community organization
  • Eligible for Reinstatement:
    • Driving without a valid driver license;
    • Driving with a suspended driver license;
    • Failing to make a payment on penalties in collection;
    • Failing to appear in court for a traffic violation; or
    • Failing to comply with any provision of Chapter 318 or 322
  • Report to CCOC:
    • Number of cases paid in full;
    • Number of cases put on a payment plan;
    • Number of driver license reinstatements;
    • Number of driver licenses made eligible for reinstatement;
    • Amount of fees and costs collected, reported by the entity receiving the funds;
    • The personnel, operating, security, and other expenditures incurred by the clerk of court;
    • The number of cases that fail to comply with a payment plan and subsequently result in driver license suspension.

Operation Green Light Reporting Form - 2019; Form will need to be submitted to ASAP but no later than October 31, 2019.

PIE Committee Workshop - July 30, 2019