Welcome to the Florida Clerks of Court Operations Corporation

Thank you for visiting our website. The Florida Clerks of Court Operations Corporation (CCOC) was created at the direction of the Florida Legislature with the very important role of supporting the Clerks of Court in all 67 counties in the State of Florida with their court-related budget activities. Section 28.35, Section 28.36 and Section 28.37 of the Florida Statutes describe the duties of the CCOC. Florida’s Clerks of Court provide critical services within communities throughout our great state. The CCOC provides the professional budget support to ensure fair and equitable allocation of resources needed to sustain court operations. I hope that you enjoy learning more about the CCOC and Clerks’ budget activities. If you have any questions about the information provided on this site, please contact the CCOC.



JD Peacock, II

Clerk and Comptroller, Okaloosa County

Chair, CCOC Executive Committee


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