Clerks and clerk staff,


Thank you, for all that you all do for the CCOC! We truly appreciate the communication we receive from your offices when you find issues that need attention. The Expenditure and Collection (EC) report has been revised due to such a finding. When we first created the EC report for the current fiscal year, we used the upcoming distribution from the Cumulative Excess (CE) and Unspent Budgeted Funds (UBF) as part of your 1/12th calculation. However, a few counties pointed out they would turn around and send that money directly back to the trust fund because it would trip the 1/12th threshold.


Rather than face a situation where we send you funding from the trust fund in March, just so you turn around and send it back in April, we’ve modified the 1/12th formula to remove your upcoming CE and UBF distribution so that your 1/12th is only going to calculate on your revenues. This additional funding will assist with cash flow and it will be accounted for during the year-end settle-up process. Please enter the amount that you would receive for CE and UBF on Line 136, even if the amount was netted against what you owed to the Trust Fund during settle-up. The budget amendment has been submitted by the Department of Revenue but has not gone on consultation yet. We will let you know when we anticipate that you will receive the funds.


As with the revised Outputs form previously sent out, this form is not preloaded with your previously submitted data, other than September revenues (which have been updated based on revised EC’s received during settle-up). Please copy and paste using the “Paste Special – Values” feature to copy your previous data.


Our report collection is a cumulative process, so if you enter zeros for previous months, the newest submission of zeros will override any previously submitted data. Likewise, should you have a correction to a prior month data to make in January, you do not need to submit a new report for that month and the January report. Simply make the adjustments to any prior month on January’s report and it will override the previously submitted information.


Thank you all again for your assistance and patience as we navigate the many impacts on the clerk’s offices! The new file is located on our website:


Warm Regards,


Marleni Bruner