REVISED: Monthly Outputs Report 2/10/20

Clerks and clerk staff,


The CCOC monthly Outputs report has been revised to accommodate changes made during the 2019 Legislative Session that was effective January 1, 2020. We have also included Rule of Law changes. If you cannot report the information as requested in section A6 – County Civil due to programming issues, please enter zeros and provide an explanation in Column R that programming is underway to capture that information. Since the form is cumulative, be prepared to provide that information as soon as possible for January 2020 going forward. This information was presented at the PIE Committee meeting held on February 5, 2020. Please contact our office should you have any questions.



Forms can be downloaded from our website:


The form is NOT preloaded with your previously submitted data. We apologize, but that requires extensive programming that we were unable to perform in a timely manner as this report is not already set up for pre-loaded data of that magnitude. Please copy and paste using the “Paste Special – Values” feature to copy your previous data.

Also, because our report collection is a cumulative process, if you enter zeros for previous months, the newest submission of zeros will override any previously submitted data. Likewise, should you have a correction to a prior month data to make in January, you do not need to submit a new report for that month and the January report. Simply make the adjustments to any prior month on January’s report and it will override the previously submitted information.


Do not hesitate to contact a CCOC Budget Manager should you need further assistance.


Thank you,


Marleni Bruner