RELEASED: Jury Management Estimate Form Apr-Jun

Good afternoon Clerks and Finance Staff,


Thank you for your patience in the release of the CFY 2019-20 April – June Quarterly Clerk Jury Management Estimate Form. Because so many of you submitted your Quarterly Clerk Jury Management Actuals report for October – December in a timely manner, I was able to check and double-check the data in the lookups more thoroughly. So, I believe we’ve got everything worked out and all of the information loaded correctly into this estimate form.


Please visit our forms page at to download the CFY 2019-20 (Apr, May, June) Jury Management Estimate Form. Please also remember to complete the SFY 2019-20 Jury Management Certification Letter also available on the Forms Page.


I want to again highlight a couple of boxes identified as “new” on the form when it was previously released; on the Estimating Tool Tab, we’ve included two new boxes to help you keep track of your Budget Authority and your JAC Revenue. In cell F5, your CFY 2019-20 budget authority is loaded into the form. This dollar amount will not change from quarter to quarter and serves as a reminder of your annual budget authority for jury management. Just below your annual jury budget authority, in cell F6, we’ve included the total JAC disbursement you received for the first and second quarters of CFY 2019-20 (October – March). This box will update every quarter so that you know how much you’ve received from JAC and can quickly compare it to your budget authority. This is very important as the fourth quarter approaches.


Outside of these two new additions, the form has not changed and you should continue to fill it out as you have in the past. If you need a refresher, you can visit our YouTube channel and watch the tutorial videos. And as always, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’ll be happy to help you out.


Please complete this form along with the SFY 2019-20 Jury Management Certification Letter and return both by Thursday, February 20, 2020. If you need an extension, please let me know.


Thank you for your patience. Have a very productive week/weekend and enjoy this fabulously fantastic Florida day!




Leonard Carper