2020 National Conference on American Court Collections

2020 National Conference on American Court Collections


What began as a distant muffled drumbeat is now booming like claps of thunder from a monstrous supercell stationed squarely of the Criminal Justice System. Race, poverty, and punishment now dominate the criminal justice narrative and that narrative is driving a cultural change that is having a significant impact on court collections and compliance in America. The question is, will that impact prove to be positive or negative?

The 5th National Conference on American Court Collections presented by the Coalition of American Court Collectors will bring together some of the nation’s best and brightest to examine this challenging question.

Please consider this your very special invitation to attend this unique and powerful event. The Coalition of American Court Collectors is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit coalition of criminal justice professionals dedicated to excellence and to making a difference. That dedication is being celebrated this year with the introduction of the “Maddie” (Making a Difference) Award. This will be the only national honor awarded to court compliance and collections professionals either individually or collectively in recognition of excellent making a difference in their court, their communities, and ultimately their country.

It is hard to believe 2020 is almost here and for over 20 years many jurisdictions have been evaluating the way court costs, fees, and fines were and are currently being collected. Partly due to media scrutiny, questioning the massive amounts that continually went uncollected or placing collections on the “backs” of the poor. Ultimately, many times, it was determined that the failure was due to the lack of a system or process designed to encourage, motivate, engage, and determine ability to pay in managing court collections.

We are five (5) years removed from Ferguson and we will review the impacts for courts, law enforcement, and additional sweeping legislative changes around the United States in reaction to do something. Some changes have been positive. Many have had negative or inadvertent consequences impacting the courts and for maintaining accountability and responsibility for customers in the court system. Legislative changes have placed court collections in conflict with justice itself or at a minimum causing confusion or trying to eliminate collections all together. Many jurisdictions have adopted a business-like approach to court compliance and collections with much success. Not only have they served the court user with a servant approach making the court user in the program whole, but to hold the individual accountable at the same time.

The 2019 National Conference explored the “Future is History,” an examination of the advancement of a narrative that sounds very much like something we’ve heard and done before. The 2020 National Conference will take on the 800-pound elephant in the room, “Race, Poverty, and Punishment”. Leading experts and professionals will help us have this challenging and complex discussion and in doing so give us the opportunity to explore clear-eyed solutions. More importantly, we will explore and build on our common goal to make a difference. With recent legislative changes is deterrence or accountability becoming obsolete? Is the effectiveness of justice system itself being attacked? What about the importance of the rule of law? Consequences and punishment for crimes is now being politicized and questioned.

But where there is challenge there is empowerment and opportunity. In Las Vegas, February 25-27, 2020 those who care and those who dare with gather to discuss, examine, and explore the future of court collections and compliance and the justice system as a whole. This is an event you will not want to miss! Act now, early registration ends on January 31, 2020 and save $100! The early registration remains unchanged for the fourth year in a row at $399. Also, be sure to reserve your room under our special Coalition rate by referencing code: GSNCACC (Coalition of American Court Collectors – National Conference on American Court Collections). If you wish to call to make your registration please call 1-800-331-5731 or if you prefer to register on-line:



Informational sessions and topics may include:

“Homeless is Not Helpless”

Look at Ferguson – 5 years later.

“Is Punishment Obsolete?”

“Liberty and Justice for Some” …I said what?!?

The Color of Justice: Black, White, or Green?

Updates: Changes and Challenges from around the Nation

Court Collections: Calculating Compliance

DL Suspensions and You!

The Truth in Messaging, but are we being “Empowered”

Compliance: It is collecting with Empowerment, Motivation, and another four-letter word…

Several Exciting Case Studies and review of actual cases!

The 2020 Maddie Award nominees and celebration!

…And, much more!

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Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in February 2020!


Coalition of American Court Collectors

The Coalition of American Court Collectors is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. We are committed to providing the best information and education to all courts, governments, and specifically those professionals related to court collections and compliance.