RELEASED: CFY 2019-20 Expenditure and Collection Report

Thank you for your patience as CCOC staff update report forms for CFY 2019-20. We apologize that the Expenditure and Collections (EC) report was delayed. As you may know, the legislature added additional funding sources for the current fiscal year, leaving CCOC to figure out the best method available to provide all counties with the various revenues.


You will notice the 1/12th calculation is slightly different on the final version of the EC report from previous years. For the purposes of determining if your county was a “Funded” or “Depository” county, we calculated that status based on the “revenue-only” portion of your budget. We backed out the revenue you will receive as a part of the other CFY 2018-19 revenue sources.


On the EC report, we calculate your 1/12th monthly obligation on your total budget authority, as required by statute, so there may be fewer months where you end up sending money as part of the 1/12th calculation. The other sources of revenue for you this year are the revenues already in the trust fund that were used to build your CFY 2019-20 budgets. Once we verify the amounts for the CFY 2018-19 Cumulative Excess ($10 million) and the Unspent Budgeted Funds (approximately $5.8 million) during the settle-up process, you will receive a lump sum amount of revenue from those two sources.


Also, the September 2019 revenue amounts have been entered for you. If you would like to make changes to the amounts, please be sure changes are made to the CFY 2018-19 September form and contact a CCOC Budget Manager. This will ensure information is correct in both places.


The form has been tested by several counties who are members of our Forms Workgroup; however, if there have been any oversights, please let us know so that we can work with you on any needed corrections.

Due Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2019