Thanks for your attendance at the 2019 Joint Summit!

Flight Plans are made for Flying!

What a great Summit we had at Champions Gate!  Clay County Clerk Tara began the countdown on day 1 and launched our mission at our summit conclusion.  “One Giant Leap for Clerks”!  With these same bold steps, it is our obligation to move Compliance 20 Mission to Drive into improved compliance service with sustaining results.

Doug challenged us about conflicting goals in compliance turning collecting into connecting and introduced a 3-part program for compliance: Prevention, Mediation, and Restoration.

We examined our Compliance Services that demonstrate our connections to our adopted Best Practices and heard from several compliance practitioners from counties across the state: Sarasota, Palm Beach, Santa Rosa, Polk, St. Lucie, DeSoto, and Duval.

Rozanne Anderson of Ontario Systems coached us on what’s new, what’s changing and where we are going in evolving technology and compliance practices.

The Florida Attorney General’s Office talked with us about the criminal compensation trust fund and challenges across the state.

We began thinking about our next steps through roundtable discussions at each phase of compliance while probing the possibilities of central site services in negotiation, call center contact, community service, and data management.  And we accomplished all of this in just a day and a half.

What’s Next?

We are reviewing the flight plans you’ve turned in and will soon look for additional feedback on future Summits and compliance service.  We will continue to keep you posted on the mission progress through Compliance Corner updates. Spacewalks (site visits) are in our future as we map the results of all gathered flight plans and we will bring the latest in legislative updates that effect compliance and news across the country.

Your efforts in making compliance better helps all of us.  We will be posting those good service events and innovations soon for all of us to learn more from.

Thanks once again for a great Summit!  Doug and I could be in your county soon.  Let’s keep the mission going!


Don Murphy, PMP

Principal & Senior Consultant

Compliance Improvement Services, Inc.

(239) 470-3956