REVISED: Revenue Projections

Dear Clerks and Clerk Staff,

The CFY 2018-19 Revenue Projection form has been revised. Under the section for 2008-111 projections, the statutory references for “Issuance of a Summons ($10)” were updated to include the county summons portion. This single line will be used to collect revenue projections for section 28.24(1)(d), Florida Statutes as well as section 34.041(1)(d), Florida Statutes. This will align with the proposed changes to the FCCC Distribution Schedule. The form has been revised and posted online:

Version 1 of the Revenue Projection form can still be submitted. Please verify that you have included the requested information before submission. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Do not hesitate to contact the CCOC if you have any questions or concerns.