RELEASED: Jury Management Actuals Form SFY 2019-20

The Excel file for the Jury Management Actual (Expenditures) Form update for the State Fiscal Year 2019–20 is on the CCOC website at and available for you to download.


The form has only one change for SFY1920 found in the verbiage of line 45. The verbiage replaces that found on the SFY1819 form and serves to develop a more complete picture of the scope of Jury Management actual costs.

  • Line 45 is used each quarter to account for any JAC Policy Authorized expenditures paid for out of COC Article-V approved budget authority because total expenditures for the quarter exceeded the JAC Endorsed Disbursement. (e.g. Total Jury Management Expenditures = $10,000.00 Total JAC endorsed disbursement = $8,000.00 The amount on line 45 would be the difference of $2,000.00) DO NOT ENTER NEGATIVE AMOUNTS if your expenditures are less than your disbursement.


Remember to continue using the expanded lines 50 through 53 under the line 49 heading “Additional Info”.  Please provide any information that a clerk/staff deems necessary for the CCOC to be made aware of regarding jury actual expenditure data. This section proved very beneficial last year and continues this year.

  • For example, if a clerk/staff does not experience or have any jury actual expenditures for the Jul-Aug-Sept quarter, then please provide reasoning/justification in Line 50 of the Additional Info tab.


This form is due to the FLCCOC on Monday, October 21, 2019. Please submit to

If there are any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of the individuals below: