Unspent Budgeted Funds & Pay and Benefit Increases

Attached please find a memo from Clerk Burke regarding Unspent Budgeted Funds (UBF) and the Pay and Benefits increases reported in your Original Budget Requests. As we prepare the final budget package for the September 5 meeting in Alachua, it is imperative we have the most recent data available. Please provide a realistic estimate of your Unspent Budgeted Funds so that we may provide the most accurate accounting of the revenue available for the CFY 2019-20 budget.


Attached you will find a form to assist you in completing this request. We’ve designed it to auto-populate your CCOC Budget Authority and to automatically calculate your Unspent Budgeted Funds once you’ve submitted your estimated expenditures.


Additionally, the form has a box for you to submit any Pay and Benefits increases reported on your Original Budget Request. Section 28.35(2)(f)7, F.S. requires CCOC to identify pay and benefit increases in any proposed clerk budget, including, but not limited to, cost of living increases, merit increases, and bonuses. If you included those pay increases in under your current budget for wages and benefits, we do not have a way to identify these increases.


Please note, you only need to fill this section out if you did not utilize the New Wages/COLA/Merit/Bonus boxes (light blue columns) on the Original Budget Submission. If you provided pay or benefits increases but included those increases in the columns labeled CURRENT Wages or CURRENT benefits, you must identify the total increases on the attached form. If you identified all pay and benefits increases in the light blue columns, you can leave this box blank on this form.


Please submit forms to Jason Welty, jwelty@flccoc.org, by Friday, August 30, 2019. See the Budget Process page for more information.