RELEASED: Pandemic Recovery Plan Forms

Pandemic Recovery Plan



The Legislature provided $6.25 million of nonrecurring General Revenue funding for the Clerks of Court Pandemic Recovery Plan, which became effective on July 1. The Legislature appropriated the funding to address the backlog of cases related to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was allocated in June, and CCOC will track it separately from the CFY 2021-22 operating budget established at the August Budget Committee meeting. This funding must be fully expended by June 30, 2022.


In addition to this funding provided to the clerks, the Legislature also provided $9.5 million to the State Court System to provide senior judge hours, magistrates, and other court support positions. The $6.25 million will allow the clerks to work with the courts to address the backlog of cases across the State.




The total amount allocated per county has been determined based on weighted cases applied to the courts’ allocation methodology created by the Trial Courts Budget Commission (TCBC). The State will distribute the funding quarterly.


The CCOC will forward all quarterly estimates to JAC for approval. JAC will submit the quarterly estimates to the CFO for payment, then send the funds to the clerks directly.


Each Clerk is required to sign a quarterly certification letter and return this PDF file to the CCOC ( at the beginning of each quarter. In addition, CCOC staff will send out a blank certification letter along with the due date each quarter.


CCOC staff has created an expenditure tracking spreadsheet that includes two categories, personnel and operating. After each quarter, please fill this spreadsheet out will actual expenditures into one of these two categories and return it to the CCOC ( by the 20th of the month following the end of each quarter.



LEAD STAFF: Jason L. Welty, Deputy Executive Director

Griffin Kolchakian, Budget and Communications Director