RELEASED: Jury Management Estimate Forms

Dear Clerks and Finance Staff,


Estimating/Projected Quarter:  Q1: Jul-Aug-Sep SFY 2019-20 (Q4: CFY 2018-19) Form No. 1, CCOC version 12: Quarterly Clerk Jury Management Estimate Form and Clerk Signed: Court-Related Juror Estimate Certification Letter SFY 2019-20 per section 40.29(5), Florida Statutes


Instructions – Complete the following:

  • Quarterly Clerk Jury Mgmt. Estimate form
  • Clerk Signed: Court-Related Juror Estimate Certification Letter for SFY 2019-20
    • Very Important: please ensure that the Clerk of Court physically or electronically signs the Court-Related Jury Estimate Certification Letter, as it is a requirement of the Justice Administrative Commission (JAC).


Naming Convention for Estimates & Certification Letters:

  • Estimates: “CountyName_Jul-Aug-Sep_SFY2019-20_JuryMgmtEstimate_FormNo1”
    • For example: “Citrus_Jul-Aug-Sep_SFY 2019-20_JuryMgmtEstimate_Form No.1”


  • Certification Letters: “CountyName_Jul-Aug-Sep_SFY2019-20_ ClerkSignedCertLetter”
    • For example: “Citrus_Jul-Aug-Sep_SFY2019-20_ClerkSignedCertLetter”


Submissions: please submit the estimate and Clerk signed certification letter to

  • Delayed Submissions: please send an email request within 72 hours of the due date to Justin Douglas (CC: Jason Welty and John Dew) and include the reason for the delayed submission.


YouTube Walk-Through Instructional Videos – applies to any estimating period

  1. Estimate Tab:
  2. Estimating Tool Tab:
  3. Adjustment by Clerk on Estimating Tool Tab:
  4. Estimate, Request, Endorsement Amount Clarification:
  5. Current Actual Expenditures Comment Warning Clarification:
  6. Jury Estimate Wrap-Up:


Questions, Comments, Concerns, Please Contact:


Other Information:

Jury related forms and publications are available at