RELEASED: CFY 2021-22 Settle-Up

The first draft of the CFY 2021-22 Settle-Up has been released. Please review carefully and respond to the CCOC by Wednesday, December 7, if you agree with the amount or believe there is a discrepancy.


Once we finalize all the figures, CCOC will submit the required information to the Department of Revenue (DOR) to draft the necessary budget amendment for those counties owed money. This process can take 6-8 weeks to complete before counties receive dollars from the trust fund. On the other hand, counties that need to remit funds to the trust fund must do so by the statutory deadline of January 25, 2023.


Please make sure you remit settle-up amounts on the appropriate line, which the DOR remittance portal describes as “REMIT BY January 25: Annual remittance of the excess fines, fees, service charges, and costs for the previous county fiscal year.” We only use this line once per year, and now is the time.