RELEASED: CFY 2020-21 Annual Fiscal Management Measures Report

The CFY 2020-21 Annual Fiscal Measures Report form has been completed and posted to the CCOC website (temporarily under the Annual Report heading for the current fiscal year): This form was originally due September 30, 2021; however, it was completely revamped due to requested changes from the PIE Committee at that time. The new due date will be January 20, 2023, to allow for plenty of time to review the form and provide comments if needed.


The following highlights changes to the form:

  1. There are now 17 standards related to financial reporting.
    1. Statutory references were included in the description when applicable.
    2. Report submissions include the Annual Comprehensive Financial report, settle-up funds, original budget, operational budget, annual collection agent report, monthly EC and 2009-111 reports, and quarterly collection timeliness and 318.18(13) reports.
  2. Only 3 standards (numbers 2, 3, & 5) require the clerk to answer and provide explanation, if needed.
  3. The remaining standards have a submission date pre-filled based on the date files were received by the CCOC.
    1. A comparison was made to the due date for each report. If received on or before the due date the standard is reflected as met with a Yes.
    2. If a file was submitted on an incorrect form or in an incorrect format, the date the correct form and format were received was used.
    3. If there was a revision to a correctly filed report, the original submission date was used.
    4. If you requested an extension, those are not automatically populated. You will need to still provide that explanation in the comments section.
  4. If the standard was not met, the clerk should provide an explanation.
    1. The form changes to red for standards not met or for missing submissions.
    2. If a county requested an extension, they should provide the information in the Comment field.
  5. If a standard is not applicable (only applies to number 6), then the form changes the field to marigold and is considered met.
  6. If you have a discrepancy with the pre-loaded date, please provide an explanation in the comments section.
  7. If you have other questions, please contact Marleni Bruner, [email protected].


Thank you,


Marleni Bruner