Jury Management Actual Form for Oct-Nov-Dec SFY1819

Dear Clerks and Finance Staff,


An email was sent on December 17, 2018, regarding the updated form Oct-Nov-Dec jury actuals for the State Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019.


Please note the new line 49 – Additional Info section has been implemented to the jury form for this year.  Please provide any information that a clerk/staff deems is necessary for the CCOC to be made aware of regarding jury actual expenditure data.

  • For example, if a clerk/staff does not experience or have any jury actual expenditures for the Jul-Aug-Sept quarter, then please provide reasoning/justification in Line 50 of the Additional Info tab.

A follow-up email was sent today regarding the revised due date. This form is due to the CCOC on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. Please submit to reports@flccoc.org.


The form can be downloaded from our website under Communications>Forms>Quarterly.


Click below to download the form:

Jury Management Actual Form for Oct-Nov-Dec SFY1819