CFY 2017-18 Data Toolbox

Clerks and clerk staff,


As you may remember from training, CCOC staff was in the process of developing a data toolbox. While this was not finalized in time to assist in your budget development process, the toolbox is still a useful tool for your offices. Should you find this data helpful, CCOC staff will compile this data as each fiscal year ends. If you discover any discrepancies in data contained in the toolbox, please contact me directly. The toolbox can be found on our website:





  1. CFY 2017-18 Performance Data
    1. Collections
    2. Timeliness – Filing Cases
    3. Timeliness – Docketing
    4. Timeliness – Juror


  1. CFY 2017-18 Workload
    1. Subcases
    2. Continuing Cases
    3. Civil Indigent Applications


  1. CFY 2017-18 Operational Budget Data
    1. Gross & Net FTE
    2. Jury FTE & Title IV-D FTE
    3. Gross & Net Budgeted Expenditures
    4. Personnel Detail


Thank you,


Marleni Bruner