Reports & Information

Annual Reports

CFY 16-17 Annual Report CCOCCFY16-17ANNUALREPORT.pdf

Annual CCOC Corporation Meetings

2018 June Annual Corporation Meeting CompleteCorpPacket.pdf
2018 May Special Annual Corporation Meeting CCOC-Special-Annual-Corporation-Meeting-Packet-050918.pdf
2016 Corporation Meeting 160627CorpMeetingPacket.pdf

Performance Reports

CCOC Performance Measures and Standards CCOC-Performance-Measures-and-Standards.pdf
Q4 CFY 2017-18 Performance Measures & Action Plans Q4PMAP_FINAL.pdf
Q3 CFY 2017-18 Performance Measures & Action Plans PMAP-Report-Q3_FINAL.pdf
Q2 CFY 2017-18 Performance Measures & Action Plans PMAP-Report-Q2_FINAL.pdf
Q1 CFY 2017-18 Performance Measures & Action Plans PMAP-Report-Q1_FINAL.pdf
Q4 CFY 2016-17 Performance Measures & Action Plans PMAP-Q4-2017-Report_FINAL.pdf
Q3 CFY 2016-17 Performance Measures & Action Plans PMAP-Q3-2017-Report_FINAL.pdf
Q2 CFY 2016-17 Performance Measures & Action Plans CFY-2016-17-Quarter-2-Report_Revised.pdf
Q1 CFY 2016-17 Performance Measures & Action Plans PMAP-Q1-2017-Report_FINAL.pdf

Indigent Applications

Application for Determination of Criminal Indigent Status Criminal-Indigence-Application-6-24-2008.doc
Supreme Court Application for Civil Indigent Status Civil-Indigent-Application-Supreme-Court-Approved.doc
Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status Application-for-Dependency-Indigency-Form-6-24-2008.doc

CCOC Collection Agent Reports

CFY 2017-18 Collection Agent Report CFY1718-Collection-Agent-Annual-Report-.pdf

Assessments and Collections Reports

2018 Annual Assessments and Collections Report 2018-Annual-Assessments-and-Collections-Report.pdf

Funding Continuity Plan

Funding Continuity Action Plan Report FINAL-Funding-Continuity-Action-Plan-Report-CCOC.pdf

Peer Groups

2016 Analysis of Similarly‐Situated County Clerks of Court (Final 3/15/17) 201705FinalPeerGroupReport.pdf
Current Peer Groups 2019-Peer-Groups.pdf

CCOC Policies and Procedures

Cellular Telephone Usage Policy ECApprovedCellPhonePolicyNovember142013.pdf
CC Authorization, Use, & Reimbursement Policy ECApprovedCreditCardPolicyNovember142013.pdf
Direct Pay Authorization and Processing Policy ECApprovedDirectPayPolicyNovember142013.pdf


Website Hosting Q & A Website-Hosting-Q-A-.pdf
Financial Audit Services Q & A Financial-Audit-Services-Q-A-.pdf
2018 Approved CCOC Plan of Operations CCOC-Plan-of-Operations-Approved-05092018.pdf
2017 Approved CCOC Plan Of Operations CCOC-Plan-of-Operations-approved-06122017.pdf

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