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  2011 Legislative Request - Clerk Collection Performance Program
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  Mandatory Costs
  Hillsborough County Administrative Order
  Collection Survey
  Civil Indigent Status for Marion County
  Marion County is including this single page administrative order when they sell simplified dissolution packets & step parent adoption forms so the filers will KNOW that both have to be indigent.
  Large County Civil Traffic and Criminal Programs Collection Practices
  Collection template for urban counties
  Volusia County Collections
  Current Practices in Collections in Franklin County
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  Clerk Collection Performance Program
  Response to House Justice Appropriations Committee Request March 2011
  Traffic Collection Challenges

Citrus County ACH Program

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  ACH Program FAQ
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"The Corporation should identify best practices that maximize collections... As part of its responsibility to identify deficiencies and corrective action plans when clerks fail to meet performance standards, the corporation should do an in-depth analysis to identify and recommend collection techniques that are appropriate and likely to be effective." OPPAGA, 2007

The collections program is an ongoing process; the materials are subject to change and may require updating.